Consumers starting January with 3,000 on their credit card

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The Private Student Loan Market Is Small but Healthy

Few students are taking out private educational loans and their share of the total has been steadily declining since the 2024 / 2024 academic year, according to a new study just released by MeasureOne, a provider of student loan data and analysis. Private loans make up only a small fraction an even smaller one than previously thought of the overall student loan market, with federal loans accounting for the bulk of the loans originated today.If you are interested in high risk merchant account providers you need to visit this site .

But size is not the only differentiator between the two components of the student loan total. The study reports that, even as federal student debt is getting out of control, with delinquencies and defaults at record-high levels and rising, the private student loan market is, in stark contrast, very healthy, with low and improving rates of late payments and charge-offs.

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Farrah Fawcetts credit card fetches $2,125 at auction

Forgive me, but Ive just returned from the 70s on a cloud of Paco Rabanne with the results of last weeks auction of Charlies Angels actress Farrah Fawcetts memorabilia. As Charlie would say, Gather round, angels. Weve got a case to discuss.

I was curious to learn the financial fate of Fawcetts American Express Platinum card, which was one of 50 lots put up for bid at Heritage Auctions in Dallas by her nephew, Greg Walls.

Turns out, the platinum girls platinum card, signed in blue ink on the reverse and set to expire in November 2024, 15 months after her death from cancer at age 62, sold for $2,125.

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Generation gap in credit card spending know-how

ATM/foreign transaction fees these can reach up to 3% for every 100 withdrawn, so make sure you take these into account before heading to the cashpoint.

Cash withdrawal interest some cards will have 0% balance transfer or 0% purchase rates, but this rate does not apply when you withdraw cash. This rate can often be anything from 11% APR or even higher and is calculated from the time you withdraw the cash. Also be aware that the 0% rates are for a limited period only and will revert back to the normal APR after a certain time, so make sure you know when youre interest free period is up. Always check the terms and conditions of your card so you know what you are being charged for and when.

Conversions some cashpoints and retailers may give the option to convert your transaction to sterling on the spot.

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Some frequent flier miles, reward points can be inherited


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